Presenting the external graphics card (eGPU) for Apple MacBook, Mac mini, iMac

A new and unique solution to increase your Mac’s graphics power.

Apple MacBooks, Mac Minis, and iMacs have slow graphics cards. Most of them come with integrated Intel Iris or mobile discrete graphic cards.
Desktop–level NVIDIA GTX graphics cards for desktop computers are much more powerful but cannot be installed in Apple products.

We offer a solution—an external graphics card for Macs.
This special expansion chassis includes a power supply and a desktop-level NVIDIA GTX graphics card. Connection to the Mac is via the Thunderbolt port.


– Performance boost.
Up to 9X times faster compared to integrated graphics.

– Easy to connect.
Compatible with any Thunderbolt–enabled Apple computer.

– Professional use.
Great acceleration in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, and more.

– Gaming.
Play games at maximum settings.

– Universal.
OS X and Windows support.


Available Options:

Basic: eGPU Chassis. No GPU Included.
Best choice if you already have your own GPU.

Standard: eGPU Chassis + NVIDIA GTX 960 2 GB.
Best choice for most customers.
Up to 6X performance boost.

Pro: eGPU Chassis + NVIDIA GTX 970 4 GB.
Best combination of price/performance.
Up to 9X performance boost.

Extreme: Contact us.
eGPU Chassis with 500W PSU for powerful GPUs (NVIDIA GTX 980, TITAN X).


Examples of use


External graphics cards allow you to make color correction even on a MacBook Pro with integrated Intel Iris because all calculations rely on the external graphics card.
You can transform your MacBook Pro into a 4K video editing workstation.

Problem: We conduct video editing and color correction in 2K/4K on a MacBook Pro Retina. We require mobility, but we must work with 2K/4K material from multiple cameras. A desktop workstation is too big and lacks the required mobility.

Solution: MacBook Retina have a powerful CPUs and fast SSD drives. The only limitation is the graphics card. An eGPU Chassis + GTX 970/980 completely solves this problem.

Problem: We have a Mac with an AMD Radeon graphics card. We need to get CUDA support (only available with NVIDIA).

Solution: An eGPU Chassis + any NVIDIA graphics card.


Problem: Your main computer is a MacBook laptop, and you value its mobility. But sometimes you want to play games with the power and speed of a desktop PC. Purchasing another PC is not an option.

Solution: An eGPU Chassis + NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card allows you to play games on the MacBook Pro. With MacBook Air there will be also a big boost. By adding the eGPU, you can retain your valued Mac computer but still be a worthy competitor to those playing on desktop PCs.


Quick Start Guide

Below is quick checklist to help determine which package is right for you.

1. Check your Mac configuration.
You must have a Thunderbolt port.

2. Check the graphics card model in your Mac.
This will affect to available output options.
– Integrated Intel HD, Intel Iris, Intel Iris Pro
OS X: external monitor only
Windows: internal screen or external monitor

– Integrated + discrete
OS X: only external monitor.
Windows: only external monitor.

3. Choose your bundle.
Already own a GPU? Your choice is Basic. Contact us to make sure your GPU is suitable.
Don’t have a GPU? Choose from Standard or Pro bundles.
Standard (best for most customers) includes NVIDIA GTX 960 2 GB. Up to 6X Boost
Pro: (best price/performance) includes NVIDIA GTX 970 4 GB. Up to 9X Boost

4. Buy and Enjoy.



1. How does a DIY external graphics card chassis compare to your chassis? What am I paying for?

– Best configuration.
There are hundreds of options in choosing how to make your external card chassis. And there are hundreds of mistakes. You will lose much time and money if you start to test them all. We have already tested all options in the development of our eGPU. When you purchase our quality product, you also get the best of our experience and knowledge. Instead of headaches and
wasted money, you get a ready-made solution and our dedicated customer support.

– Ready out of the box.
We save you time and money.
You do not have to spend countless hours reading thousands of pages of forums, testing different solutions, soldering wires, cutting chassis, buying parts and special tools from a variety of different suppliers. We have already done all of that for you.

– No special skills needed.
No special action on your part is required. Just connect the chassis to the Thunderbolt port and experience vastly improved performance.

– Customers support.
If you have any questions about our product, you can consult our specialists. If something goes wrong, you will not spend valuable time searching through discussion forums that may not address your particular issue. You just ask us directly and get fast relevant answers and solutions.
We have over 5 years of experience in this industry.

– Warranty.
When you make a DIY card chassis it’s all yours, risk and all.
You immediately loose warranty of original product you are modifying and if something goes wrong you loose your money.
When you buy from us, we provide a 1 year warranty.

– We test every unit before shipping.

– Instructions and guides.
Each unit comes with detailed instructions.

2. Why so expensive? The device looks like a simple metal box.

Some believe that the chassis is just an empty box with a power supply.
In fact, despite the simple looking exterior, all Thunderbolt compatible chassis are complex devices.

Other similar chassis from well-known manufacturers are, in fact, not at all comparable to our eGPU chassis. (See next question)

3. There are other Thunderbolt chassis for PCI-E cards on the market. What is the difference between those and yours?

Most Thunderbolt chassis (Sonnet, Magma, and others.) are compatible only with standard PCI-E, network, sound cards, etc. They are not compatible with graphics cards.
With some Thunderbolt chassis on the market, there can be other problems with the case, lack of cooling, poor power supply, and a lack of PCI-E power connectors (6 + 6pin), which are required by any graphics card.

Sonnet Echo Express III - $899
Magma ExpressBox 1T-3T - 500-900$
OWC Helios - $500

With our product, you buy a solution specifically for the graphics card.
It has a powerful and stable 200W PSU, PCI-E power, a case with sufficient cooling, and all necessary instructions.

4. Is the external graphics card compatible with my Mac?

Please refer to “Quick Start Guide” section.

5. What is the external graphics card?

This is a special expansion chassis with its own power supply and a desktop-level NVIDIA GTX graphics card. The unit connects to your Mac via Thunderbolt port.

6. How is the graphics card connected, and where output will be?

The chassis itself is connected by Thunderbolt port.

It is possible to use the device for internal display or with an external monitor, depending on operating system and configuration of your Mac:

The graphics card will be detected by OS X as second one.
Images can be displayed only on the external monitor (limitation of OS X).
It is not possible to use internal display in OS X.
This is not a problem if you use professional software that can use second graphics cards as a rendering engine (e.g. DaVinci Resolve). In this case, you can use your Mac display, and the graphics card will perform GPU calculations. It is not necessary to connect an external monitor.

Images can be displayed on either external or internal monitors.
To use the internal monitor output function (NVIDIA Optimus technology), your Mac must be equipped only with integrated Intel graphics (Intel HD 4000 or higher, Intel Iris, Intel Iris Pro).
If you have two video cards (integrated+discrete), this function will not operate.

For external monitor output, any combination is possible (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Intel + NVIDIA, Intel + AMD).

Most MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air units have only Intel HD graphics and will be suitable for internal display output.

7. I already have a graphics card. Can I use it?

We recommend using graphics cards only from our compatibility list.
You can use other graphics cards, but first check the graphics card’s power requirements and dimensions. See Tech Specs section.

This operating system has a limited list of supported video cards. Check support.

Supports any graphics card.

8. I have an Apple Thunderbolt Display. Will it work?

At this time we do not have confirmation. Testing is under way.

9. Is it possible to connect a more powerful power supply?
200 Watt power supply is included.
It is enough for most popular NVIDIA graphics cards.
GTX 770, GTX 780, GTX 980 and GTX TITAN need more power.
Contact us about more powerful PSU options.

10. I have a Windows notebook (Dell, HP, Asus, MSI, etc.). Can I use this product?

If your laptop has a Thunderbolt port, you can try.
At this time, we do not have confirmation. Testing is under way, and a compatibility list will be updated.

11. My internal graphics card burned out Will an external graphics card help me?

Please contact laptop service. We cant help you here. External graphics cards will not work as a replacement for the internal video card.

12. About us
We started as a DIY Project with a small group of enthusiasts.
Our mission is to help other people save time and money and use our eGPU experience to meet their computing needs. We are the first to provide an out of the box solution with customer service.

13. What is the return policy?

If you meet all technical requirements and the eGPU Chassis does not work, you are eligible to a refund.

If the item does not function because of failure to comply with our technical requirements and warnings, we will not be responsible and will offer no refund.


Tech Specs

Technical Requirements
Any Thunderbolt enabled Mac
OS X 10.10.3+ or Windows 8.1

Compatible video card list



Other graphics cards are also compatible. You can contact us for more information.
* Need more powerful PSU.

Recommended graphics cards
Zotac NVIDIA GTX 960, 2 GB (ZT-90310-10M) or (ZT-90301-10M)
EVGA NVIDIA GTX 960, 2 GB (02G-P4-2962-KR)
EVGA NVIDIA GTX 960, 4GB (04G-P4-3962-KR)
Zotac NVIDIA GTX 970, 4 GB (ZT-90101-10P)

This cards will fully fit chassis.
Cards from other manufactures may have larger dimensions.

Maximum GPU height
3.85 inch
9.8 cm (PCB board)
For larger dimensions, you need to use a chassis without the top cover.

Maximum GPU length
7.28 inch
18.5 cm (PCB Board)
For larger dimensions, we can cut the front panel. Please contact us.

If both height and length exceeds the figures above, it is possible to use the chassis with no top cover and a cut front panel.

Thunderbolt 1 or Thunderbolt 2.
The chassis is able to use full Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth.

Power Supply
200W (silent). Dell DA–2 (refurbished)

In the Box
Chassis, power supply, instructions, Thunderbolt cable. No GPU included (see our other eBay lost).

Chassis dimensions
9.17 inch x 5.87 inch x 2.99 inch
23.3cm x 14.9cm x 7.6cm

2.86 lbs
1.3 kg. (without PSU, no GPU).

6.4 lbs
2.9 kg. (200 WATT PSU, No GPU).

7.7 lbs
3.5 kg. (200 WATT PSU, NVIDIA GTX 970).

1 year warranty (from seller).

Solution based on the Akitio PCI–E chassis.
Some of the ideas are used from open sources.
We express our gratitude to the authors Techinferno e-GPU Projects.

Tested Mac models list
MacBook Pro Retina 13 '' (Late-2013)
MacBook Pro Retina 15 '' (Late-2013)

MacBook Pro Retina 13 '' (Mid-2014)
MacBook Pro Retina 15 '' (Mid-2014)

MacBook Air 13 '' (Mid-2012)

Mac mini 2012-2014

iMac 2012-2014